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What is Fuel Cycle Week?

Fuel Cycle Week is a weekly publication that covers the global nuclear fuel cycle. FCW digs deeper than the mainstream press and any other nuclear trade publication—and provides the kind of savvy insight that only industry insiders can offer.

  • Of Pandora and Prometheus

    The intertwined myths of Pandora and Prometheus eerily echo the history of nuclear energy: promise and potential, followed by punishment, and ending with hope and hindsight. With the documentary film “Pandora’s Promise” set to premiere on CNN on Nov. 7, FCW columnist Margaret Harding explores the parallels.

  • Nuclear Energy, Not Unreliables, Is the Solution to Climate Change

    After listening to President Obama’s speech and reading the broad outline of his administration’s plan on climate change, FCW publisher Andrea Jennetta was angry enough to post a comment on the White House web site expressing her disgust at its refusal to accept that nuclear energy IS the answer. She wants other Democrats and her colleagues in the global nuclear industry to read what she wrote—and hopefully be inspired to take action and let their own voices be heard. The bottom line is that nuclear energy will only be part of the discussion if we in the nuclear industry speak up and out to make it happen.


  • (Terrible) Business as Usual at Kudankulam

    Once again, commercial startup of India’s Kudankulam-1 plant has been delayed. Once again, Indian nuclear officials botched the related public communications effort. When will that reactor ever be operational? FCW’s Miriam Mazer reports on the latest developments.